How To Get Motivated Using These 4 Techniques

 by Alisa Charles | July 25, 2022 |

In HR and in life, it’s quite easy to feel busy and overwhelmed when juggling several different priorities all at once. This can lead to feeling unmotivated to get things accomplished. Whether it’s signing up for a class, starting a project, having a tough conversation or preparing for a meeting, it can be a challenge when you lose motivation to move things forward.

The following are a few ideas you can use to get motivated by using these 4 techniques:


1. Focus on the Desired Outcome – A lot of times we lack motivation in an area that involves something that is not interesting to us or it’s something we don’t enjoy doing. When this occurs, one way to get motivated is to focus on the outcome or results that will come when its all completed. So instead of focusing on all the steps needed to complete the task, shift the focus to how good it will feel when you get the desired results. This can become very motivating, particularly when the outcome will have a positive impact.

2. Resist the Urge to Stress Out – A lack of motivation could be due to something stressful about the task in front of you. So take a few minutes and think about what is causing you to stress out? Ask yourself if it is real or is it a perception. Then explore what you can do to reduce the stress such as get more information, or ask for help with some of the pieces.

Sometimes the stress could be that it feels overwhelming. By taking all the ideas out of your head and writing them down will also help relieve some of the stress. Using this technique will help you feel more organized and in control of the task which can also increase the motivation to get things done.

3. What would happen if it’s not accomplished? – Another way to stay motivated is to think about what will happen if you don’t accomplish the particular tasks. For example, what would be the consequences you could avoid by simply moving things forward. You certainly wouldn’t want to be the cause of something being interrupted, incomplete or that would have a negative impact. So focus on your part to get things done and the pain you can avoid which will motivate you to want to keep moving things forward.

4. Reflect on the benefits and rewards-  Focusing on the benefits that will come once the task is completed is another way to stay motivated. Perhaps it’s the completion of an advanced degree that may lead to a promotion; or creating that process or program that solves a particular problem. Focus on the benefits of how what you do will make others life easier or happier and then that would certainly keep you motivated.

Be sure to keep these techniques in mind the next time you need a little motivation to get things done. Other ways to stay motivated is to focus on the things that you enjoy or are passionate about. One way to accomplish this is to think of ways that will enhance your day by incorporating the things that you like to do.

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Here’s to your HR Career Success!

Alisa Charles is a certified HR professional (SPHR, SHRM-SCP) and has been working in human resources for over 20 years. She is the author of “90 New Employee Orientation Ideas for Human Resources Professionals” and  “Successful  Mentoring in HR”, both available on Amazon. In addition to her HR background,  Alisa is a certified Personal & Executive Coach and enjoy using her extensive HR experience with her coaching background to assist individuals in achieving their goals.


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