Mission Possible

  do you accept the mission? 

If you are new to HR or have worked in HR for a few years….


Is to unlock your full potential in Human Resources  and Become An Invaluable HR Partner So That You Can Position Yourself For Greater Opportunities, Recognition and Fulfillment  in Human Resources. 

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How to Turn Your Vision For Your HR Career into A Reality

Covers how to clarify your vision for your career and the steps you can take to achieve the HR career goals that make you smile.

How to Turn Your Ideas into HR Solutions That Get You Noticed

Discusses how to use your own  creativity to turn HR challenges into winning HR solutions and reveal your HR superhero abilities that can get you noticed.


How to Make An Even Bigger Impact in HR That You Will Be Proud of

Shares ideas on how you can try new things in HR that can help you make an even greater impact within your HR world.

How to Re-think Your HR Day To Fit It All In

Reveals ways you can add, move or eliminate certain activities from your schedule to free up time to work on the HR projects you enjoy the most.

How to Increase Your HR Presence and Impact

Provides quick and easy tips you can try that will provide for an even greater presence and impact in HR that will also keep you engaged and excited about your role in HR.

How to Find Ways to Add New Energy into Your HR Career

Covers ideas you can use to help  avoid boredom or burnout in HR and instead generate a new spark in your HR career that will motivate and energize you for an even bigger results.

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Free HR Guide: 5 Impactful Ways to Achieve HR Career Success

By Alisa Charles, MSHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Founder and Chief HR Mentor at HR Mentor Academy LLC. Author of “Successful Mentoring in HR” and “90 New Employee Orientation Ideas for HR Professionals”

Alisa Charles is the Founder and Chief HR Mentor with HR Mentor Academy LLC. She has worked in HR for over 20 years and her journey from an HR assistant while in college to an HR role where she had HR oversight for over 100 locations was amazing. She received over 10 promotions in her HR career and has truly enjoyed the experience so far.

Throughout her HR career she consistently used 5 strategies that helped her to not just achieve her HR goals but to exceed them. As a result, she has put these strategies into a free guide that you can access right on this page.  So if you are new to HR or have worked in HR for a few years, simply click the button below to receive your copy today. Here’s to your HR career success!

Want to Share Your HR Expertise? If you have built your HR career over time and interested in sharing your HR expertise with others, feel free to get your free copy of 15 mentoring in HR templates that will help you take mentoring other HR professionals or students to the next level.

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