Emerging HR


If you are new to HR or have worked in HR for a few years, we would love to work with you.  Get started now with your free copy of the HR Success Guide. Additional programs available below.  

Our Programs

Here at HR Mentor Academy  we have a passion for helping emerging Human Resources leaders succeed in their HR roles.  Whether new to HR or have worked in HR for a few years, our programs are designed to help high potential HR professionals achieve even greater success and results in Human Resources. 

The HR Sucess Guide

A great free resource that will share 5 strategies you can use right now with HR Mentor Academy’s “HR EXCEL Method” that will help you achieve HR career success right where you are.

How to Excel in HR Workshop

An on-demand course that goes even deeper on the “HR EXCEL Method” and how you can incorporate these strategies with support from a dedicated HR Mentor Academy mentor.

Emerging HR Leader Mentorship Program

An 6-week group coaching & mentoring program that helps to prepare for the next steps in HR.

HR Coaching Programs

Impactful coaching programs where you partner with an HR coach 

Unlock Your Full Potential in Human Resources with the HR Mentorship Guide Available Now!

Learn about 5 Impactful Ways to Achieve HR Career Success with Ideas You Can Use Right Now!


15 Complimentary Templates to Transform Mentoring in HR

Get immediate access to 15 complimentary templates that will help you take mentoring in HR to the next level.