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 HR coaching & mentoring solutions for  emerging HR leaders 

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We have several programs to assist with supporting your efforts to improve retention and engagement of your HR team with coaching and mentorship programs designed specifically for HR professionals. 


HR Executive Coaching Program for Emerging HR Leaders - Level 1

An impactful program that offers a one-time meeting with one of our HR coaches to work on a specific area and create a solid roadmap with next steps to achieve desired outcomes.


Ready To Succeed in 2023

A special 2-month program with a “try before you buy” option that is available for a limited time to help emerging HR leaders gear up for 2023. Includes 2 powerful individual virtual coaching sessions, a personalized success roadmap for the year, and 3 follow-up sessions at 30, 60, and 90 days from program end date.


HR Executive Coaching Program for Emerging HR Leaders - Level 2

A great next step to continue efforts started in Level 1 with a 3-month program for continued results in achieving individual goals that can positively impact HR department and organizational goals.


Emerging HR Leader Group Mentorship Program (6 - Weeks)

A virtual group mentorship program experience with other emerging HR leaders based on our HR EXCEL Method that will help participants to achieve goals and acceleration in HR faster.


HR Executive Coaching Program for Emerging HR Leaders - Level 3

Another great option for up to 1 year of a meaningful executive coaching experience  that will have long- term impact on career development and professional growth of emerging HR leaders.

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