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  Then you may be interested in the How To Excel In HR Workshop! This is a step-by-step blueprint, based on the HR EXCEL Method, that can show you how to unlock your full potential in Human Resources and become an invaluable HR partner so that you can position yourself for greater opportunities, recognition and fulfilment in HR.  


How to Excel in HR Workshop

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This workshop will share strategies that can help to avoid that feeling of being stuck, bored or burned out in Human Resources!

Instead…. imagine feeling REJUVINATED, EXCITED and MOTIVATED to try something new in HR that will certainly help you to STANDOUT!!

You know you have great potential in HR and this workshop is great for those  interested in:

  • Creating potential HR promotional avenues 
  • Improving overall morale and motivation in HR
  • Becoming ready to fill promotional vacancies 
  • Learning ways to better utilize skills which provides increased work satisfaction
  • Becoming more adaptable to the changing requirements within an organization.

How Many Times


You Experienced


PROCRASTINATION because you know you want to take a next step in HR but looking for more clarity on WHAT that next step should be.

OVERWHELMED with balancing the demands of your HR role and the desire to do more in HR which can make you feel stuck.

TOO MANY IDEAS so you bounce from one idea to another idea and feel like you are not going any where.

 HR Mentor Academy Can Help! Get Ready for the How to Excel in HR Workshop in 3 Easy Steps!



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For HR professionals interested in more purpose, results and recognition in Human Resources.