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Welcome to The HR Creativity Plan!

Your Mission…Should You Choose to Accept It…. is to identify one creative HR idea that can positively impact those you support during this coronavirus pandemic so that your HR leadership, skills and experience can help and inspire others during these challenging times and make difference.

Do You Accept This Mission? 🙂

Your Next Steps……

Download the Milestone Tracker

Inside this milestone tracker you can follow along with the training and document your amazing milestones that will get you to mission accomplished. Feel free to download, save, then open the tracker in Adobe Reader DC, for ability to save your work.

Check Your E-Mail

Be sure to check you e-mail for important information about the HR Creativity Plan. If you do not see it in your inbox, be sure to check your SPAM folder then confirm that you want to receive e-mails from HR Mentor Academy. You are also welcome to email us directly at [email protected] 

Complete Each Training

Get ready to complete the mission when you view each training inside the HR Creativity Plan. Click the “Start Here” button below and it will take you to the very first training “It Always Starts With An Idea”. 

For HR Professionals Interested In Even Greater Success, Fulfillment and Advancement in Human Resources.