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Training 1: It Always Starts With An Idea

Every success story has one important factor which is…… it started with an idea. An idea that can feel big, small, or somewhere in between. But the reality is before you can reach success, you must first have an idea, a vision, or a goal to aim towards, even in Human Resources. All of the various phases of this pandemic is impacting our employees and the workplace unlike anything we have seen before. So now more than ever, we have to continue to be even more creative in how we handle all of the challenges that we continue to see today. Inside this training you will get a bird’s eye view of the path we will take to get to mission accomplished with your creative HR idea and we can’t wait to get started.

Training 2: The HR Reflection in the Mirror: Time to Self Reflect

Your time is essential and using it to think about YOU and how you are processing through these current events is just as important as the HR ideas you will generate that will positively impact others. We will first focus on where you are right now as we go through the ups and downs of the coronavirus pandemic and Covid-19, social distancing, stay-at-home orders and various recovery strategies. Then we will build on that when we begin generating new ideas that will help others.  

Training 3: The HR Problem Hero: What HR Problem Can You Solve? 

The first step to thinking of an HR idea that will help others is to first identify a gap, challenge or problem. In Human Resources, there are many challenges we face that require a solution such as in recruitment, employee relations, or a policy or procedure to name a few. We’ll in this unique time, there may be new challenges on the horizon that must be explored and this training will assist with identifying this.   

Training 4 : HR Creativity Wins: Your HR Creative Idea

Inside this training, we will review the endless possibilities you have on what you would like to create during this time. By the end of this training, you will have several ideas to think about developing that will benefit others in a big way. So get your creative hat on so that you can turn your creative idea into a meaningful solution that those you support will love and appreciate.   

Training 5: Solution Impact: Turning Your HR Idea Into a Solution

Inside this training we want to focus on how to ensure your HR idea is one that is impactful and that it will actually solve a problem that your teams, employees and/or leaders may be facing right now. 

Training 6: Simplicity Is The Key: Keeping It Simple and Taking Action

In my view, the biggest challenge with moving forward with an idea is the tendency to over-complicate the process. When you do this, it starts to feel like an overwhelming task and it can be easy to decide to not move forward. Inside this training we will talk about how to simplify the process so it helps to remove obstacles and clear the path to an easier and a more enjoyable exercise.

Training 7: Let’s Do This: Are You Ready? 

You have accomplished a lot in this training and now is the time to put all your thoughts and ideas together and do this!! You are ready!! You have everything you need for a successful outcome and I believe in you. Your experience and talent in HR make you ready to achieve the mission of this training and heading to the finish line starts now.

Training 8: Mission Accomplished 

It is time to celebrate!! Whether you have achieved the mission or on your way to achieving the mission…….. it is still time to celebrate all that you have accomplished inside the HR Creativity Plan. It has been an amazing journey and I am so pleased that you have made it all the way through. Congrats!!!

For HR Professionals Interested In Even Greater Success, Fulfillment and Advancement in Human Resources.